30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

Toilet Not Flushing Properly? Here’s Why

We know the feelings of stress and anxiety that often accompanies a toilet that won’t flush. Wondering why this happens? Here are some of the biggest culprits you need to watch out for!

Water valve is off

This is the first thing you need to rule out when your toilet is not flushing properly. There’s a small possibility that you might not have anything wrong with your toilet and that the valve has been turned off, leading to an empty cistern. If there’s any construction work or repairs being carried out in the area, this could also mean your mains water supply has been turned off.

Cistern needs water

There is a water line along the inside of your cistern that indicates how much water your toilet needs to flush properly. If water levels hits less than this line, it’ll result in problems with flushing. Inadequate water supply usually comes about due to a faulty float mechanism. Try bending the float arm to check if it is blocking an inlet valve, and then allow the water to fill up to the line.

Flapper/ flapper chain is broken

The flapper and chain lies between your cistern and toilet bowl. Once you flush, the flapper chain is pulled up to open a drain that will allow the water in the cistern to flow into the bowl. If too tight, the flapper might not be covering the drain fully, which leads to water persistently leaking into the bowl. If too loose, the drain won’t be covered at all! Faulty flappers and flapper chains simply need to be replaced.

Debris around the toilet bowl

How often do you clean around your toilet bowl? You’d be surprised at how much debris tends to accumulate here and, as a result, leads to a weak flush since water struggles to flow from the cistern to the toilet bowl. Give it a good scrub and the problem should be solved!

A blockage

The most common reason your toilet isn’t flushing properly is a blockage. A clogged toilet can overflow if you flush it more than once so be careful! You can try plunging the toilet but for a thorough fix, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Access Plumbing ASAP!

Have a toilet that won’t flush right? Call us today and with our 24 Hr emergency services, we’ll be able to have your toilet good as new in no time!