30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

No Hot Water in Your Shower? Here’s Why

It can be extremely disappointing when you walk home after a long day imagining the warm shower you’re going to take, but your water ends up not getting heated. Even though the first thought that arises when you realize that you are not getting hot water in your shower is that there might be something wrong with the water heater, this is not always the case.

Here’s a list of reasons that you should consider checking before you decide to call a plumber. 

Water Heater

Start by checking if the temperature of your heater is set right as the problem could be the temperature control in your heater. Another possibility is that your electric heater elements are burnt out, and this leads to either your water getting hot only for a short period of time, or it doesn’t get hot at all. There is a possibility of deterioration in the cold water supply dip that affects this too.  


Check if this is affecting just your shower or your entire house. You can do this by turning on all the hot water faucets and checking the temperature of the hot water. If the water gets hot and turns cold immediately, that means that there is a burner in the water. In another scenario, if your water doesn’t get hot at all, then there is most likely a faulty dip in the tube. If you find out that the other hot water faucets are providing reasonable hot water then the problem is with a shower component. 

Time of Use

What time you use your shower is a factor you should think about. Did your kids use the shower for too long? If so, there is a chance that they may have used up all the hot water. Or showering when you’re washing a load of clothes might be a reason why your water is cold, since the washing machine uses up a lot of hot water. Keep in mind to wait at least 30 mins after a wash or a load.  

Cross-Connected Pipes

The job of cross-connected pipes, especially in older homes, is basically to give you the perfect temperature of warm water by mixing hot and cold water. There is a possibility of cross connection if your hand spray gets hot when your regular shower is turned off. This is a complicated job to DIY without the help of a professional plumber.

These are some reasons that could help you understand why your shower is not getting hot. It is advisable to contact a professional plumber to handle this so no further plumbing problems are created. 

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