30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

Hair Clogging Your Drain? Use These Tips!

Do you find yourself losing hair every time you take a shower? This is completely natural but if you’re not careful enough your hair may end up clogging your drain! While you can always call our professional team to make quick work of the matter, here are some simple steps you can try first to rectify the situation:

Use boiling water  

Do you know why your hair gets stuck so easily in your pipes without getting washed away? There is already a significant amount of grease and soap buildup in your drain, which your hair tends to get caught in. Pouring boiling water down your drain will break down this buildup, helping unclog your drain. 

Vinegar and Baking Soda 

You may have heard that vinegar and baking soda play major roles when it comes to cleaning and it certainly won’t disappoint when cleaning your drain either. This is a convenient and sustainable way of cleaning your drain. You can do this by pouring a cup of baking soda down your drain, then a cup of vinegar immediately and this will work by creating a chemical reaction. After an hour or so, pour boiling water down the drain and check if your blockage has cleared. 

Baking soda and Salt

Yet another efficient mixture that’ll help is the combination of baking soda and salt. Mix a cup of baking soda with half a cup of salt and pour the mixture down your drain. Leave this overnight. Pour two cups of boiling water in the morning to flush everything down the drain. 

Wire hanger

Here’s an old school method you can try to manually remove that clogged hair. With a hook or a wire coat hanger you can easily insert this into the pipe until you reach the obstruction. Then pull out everything you’ve grabbed onto.  

If any of these methods aren’t working and you need an expert to check it out for you, call Access Plumbing for the job! We’ve handled all sorts of blocked drains so you’re definitely trusting a capable service.