30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

7 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Your post meal cleanup becomes10x easier with a garbage disposal, but it definitely doesn’t mean that you can toss every single thing down that drain. To keep your garbage disposal running smoothly for a long period of time, these are the foods you should avoid throwing into your drain:

Coffee Grounds       

Did you know coffee grounds are one of the biggest culprits behind clogged drains? When coffee grounds clump together with grease, the result is a sludge-like substance that easily clogs the drain. Instead, you can use your coffee grounds as compost. This is a more environmentally friendly method and not only does it stimulate plants, but also repel insects at the same time.

Meat Bones    

Even though your garbage disposal has blades, they aren’t strong enough to break meaty chicken bones without taking on some damage. If you do put these bones in it, the blades may spin and spin without breaking the bones until it eventually jams the system. However, if you do put fish bones or other small, delicate bones, the garbage disposal will definitely take care of it.

Eggshells & Seafood Shells

Eggshells may look fragile, but don’t be deceived! Eggshells can attach themselves to other items and form a blockage so we recommend using them as compost. You’ll also want to watch out for seafood shells as well. While they may get past the disposal blades, they’ll definitely get stuck along your pipes.


Paint is the worst thing you can pour down your garbage disposal. The paint clings onto the sides and begins to harden causing an obstruction that won’t allow other items to pass through. It is harmless to wash off your water based paints from your paintbrush, but we recommend asking your local paint store on where you can dispose of any excess or old paint.

Fats,Oil or Grease

Any type of oil or grease from your food is capable of thickening over time and clogging up your drain. Avoid pouring greasy, fatty products like bacon, meat and poultry down your drain as well. This blockage can be quite expensive to fix.

Fruits Pits

Avocado and other fruit pits that are very hard and dense cannot be cut down by your garbage disposal. Keep in mind that if your knife can’t cut it, it is most likely that your garbage disposal won’t be able to either. Instead, you can toss your pits to compost.

Cleaning Chemicals  

Whenever there’s a clog we are tempted to pour down chemical cleaners down the garbage disposal in a frantic attempt to clear it. Doesn’t that look like the obvious solution? But these chemicals only make the situation much worse for you by slowly eating away at your pipes, and this eventually leads to a leak. We recommend you try conventional drain cleaners for all types of blockages.

Your garbage disposal is definitely not a waste-bin for all your food remains and scraps. Be mindful of what you chuck down there so you don’t end up with any unpleasant blockages! If your garbage disposal does end up getting clogged, however, call us at Access Plumbing for a quick and efficient fix.