30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

4 Ways to Prevent A Blocked Kitchen Drain

fixing blocked kitchen drain

A blocked drain in the kitchen can be a major inconvenience- especially in a busy kitchen. The hassle of a blocked drain can easily be avoided if you know exactly what to do. After all, prevention is always better than repair! Here are some of the best prevention strategies and steps you can take to minimize your risk of a blocked drain:


Avoid pouring grease/fat

Grease and fat can slide down pipes easily with water but as the temperature gets colder, fat tends to solidify and clog up your pipes. In fact, pouring grease and fat down your drains is said to be the most common reason for blocked drains. Make it a general rule to avoid this by having a separate container for grease and fat.


Run water during kitchen disposal

When disposing of your kitchen waste, make sure you run water down your grinder before, during and after disposal. For the sake of your safety, make it a point to cover the drain with the lid before turning the grinder on.


Avoiding getting hair in the sink

Hair that makes its way into the sink has a high chance of getting your pipe clogged. This is because once it gets stuck, not only is it difficult to dislodge but it also provides a surface for oil deposits to latch on to- hence, creating a bigger block.


Avoid washing hands after gardening

After a heavy day gardening, you’ll want to avoid washing your hands off in the kitchen sink if they have leaves and dirt stuck on them. This dirt can actually causes blockages over time if you frequently wash your hands here after gardening.

These are small preventative habits that can go a long way in reducing your risk of experiencing a blocked kitchen drain. If you notice your drain has stopped flowing, make sure to turn the water off immediately and call for support- we’ll make quick work of the issue.